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Kosher weddings in Rhodes

Can there be available Kosher food for my wedding or bar/bat mitzvah in Rhodes? The answers is Yes!

In Rhodes there are very few suppliers that can deliver certified Kosher catering, but there are possibilities.

For 12 years, since 2010, we have had the opportunity of creating events for couples and families that would like to celebrate their Jewish Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Greece, on the island of Rhodes.

The events have been a mix of non-kosher, fish only, Kosher adjusted and Kosher Certified meals.

If you are thinking of doing an event in Rhodes either Kosher adjusted or Certified Kosher meal by our Rabbi, we can together with our partners assist you with this. We can assist you with Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Kiddush, Bris, Wedding, Corporate function, or any other social event.

Our accomplished and professional staff will assist you in every way to make your function one that you and your guests will forever remember.

Contact us for more details.

Rhodes has the oldest synagogue in all of Greece, Kahal Shalom Synagogue, built in 1577, both this and a unique Jewish Museum are true treasures on the island.

Greece and the island of Rhodes offers amazing panoramic views of the blue Aegean Sea, Jewish sites,

landscapes and views combined with ancient and medieval architecture. These in combination, and as well with our set up and decorations, transforms into the perfect venues for a very special Jewish wedding celebration.

The climate in Greece is a moderate all year around, with Rhodes known as ‘the island of the sun’, with more than 300 sunny days a year.

In Rhodes you will also easily find nice accommodation for your guests’ stay, a wide offer of

restaurants, wonderful beach, and garden venues with spectacular sea views.

We will create for you and your family a holiday and celebration of a lifetime.

During my 12 years I have served jewish families from South Africa, Australia, Canada, US, UK, France and Israel.

For every year we work together with our Jewish families visiting us, we look more and more forward to the next time.

For information contact:

As part of my exclusive service, I also assist you with contacting the Rhodian Jewish community if needed.


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