Are you sometimes struggling with the correspondence and communication between the local DMC and your team in the planning period? Here are a few tips from industry expert Annie Kathrine Vangsnes that can improve this for both sides.
1. Have a conversation with the person you send the request for proposal to, especially if you have not worked together before.
2. Create a clear brief, and explain the DMC clearly what format you prefer to receive the proposal and quote in. DMCs want to be easy to work with.
3. Let the DMC know if the proposal is a start to create the budget or if you have a set budget to work on.
4. Tell your DMC contact what your desires, needs and fears are.
5. Let the DMC know what you would like and expect to receive. Most DMCs would always like to offer that little bit extra, and if the desire and expectations are clear, it saves you both time and leaves you to focus on what is important to create what the client want and win the bid.
6. Make sure you and the DMC help each other on to actually “win the bid”. It order to achieve that level, it requires a bit more than basic correspondence and communication from both sides. Transparency is key!
Good luck with you 2018 cooperation and proposals!