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Special Interest Groups

Assisted Travel Individual or groups

Don’t let your need for some assistance stop you from travelling!

We help you plan and book unique tailored holidays in Rhodes and Dodecanese, adapted to your accessibility needs and personal tastes.

  • Immerse yourself in historical Sites
  • Experience Greece more closely with comfort to your needs
  • Find the perfect accommodation and type of transportation for your needs.

Study or research programs

Accomplish assist and handle student trips for Rhodes and other Greek destinations which notoriety has impressively grown in the last years enabling

Whatever the type of program you may need – recreational activities, cultural visits, or technical visits to your client’s areas of interest – Greece is the destination that will surprise your clients and Accomplish is the reliable incoming tour operator to manage all the details and make you feel confident.

We believe in a personal approach: all our programs are developed in close cooperation with you: every request is handled by a dedicated project manager, who will tailor-made your program to deliver you the best turn-key solution, whether your students group travel to Rhodes and rest of the Dodecanese by air or by boat.

For every budget, we always strive to optimize the solution that will fulfil all your requirements, to ensure the best quality/price service.

With Accomplish security is a guarantee: a tailor-made service granted by our experts for all your clients’ demands, even for the most challenging ones. 

Send us your or your client’s request and let us surprise them with programs that bring an authentic and different Rhodes and Dodecanese, full of old traditions, amazing culture, breathtaking landscapes, typical gastronomy, warm climate, and a monumental heritage that will fascinate you.

For any group of students with special or technical interests and requirements, challenge us: we have the right answer, for an extraordinary experience in Greece.

We aim to provide our student groups with a remarkable, unforgettable, and surprising experience in a country renowned for its safety and modern infrastructures.

Our guarantee: cost effective solutions and our partners’ high competitiveness.

Religious tours

Exploring some of the culturally important place in Rhodes and the Dodecanese from a Christian perspective is not only a way to have fun with like-minded friends or family but is also a wonderful way to encourage your faith. Our tours and itineraries are designed to allow you to discover the Christian heritage of Rhodes and the Dodecanese islands, as well as explore the islands.

We can also combine with Additional destinations outside the Dodecanese on request. 

Then you will go safely on your way, and you will not hurt your foot. When you lie down, you will not be afraid. As you lie there, your sleep will be sweet. 

Proverbs 3:23-24


 The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Companies that Trusted Us

We love what we do…

… and together with the light breeze in our islands, the Mediterranean culture, and our owner’s Norwegian organizational mentality, we have had the pleasure to achieve numerous of successful events during our 22 years as a DMC in Rhodes.

Our ability to be creative when needed, tailor make, adjust to clients needs, and estimate outcomes for our clients, has made our success and continuous existence during these years.

Our portfolio consist of numerous of projects, giving us for each one more experience, a possibility to continuous improvement, and even more creative solutions and ideas for the projects to come.


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Let’s talk!

We are ready to discuss your event and give you an estimate. Book us for an online meeting.


Step 2

Get the Quote!

Event Planning is a complex process. Give us a few days to consider any detail and give you an estimate.


Step 3

Enjoy the event!

Under our professional directions, you can enjoy your event as any of the guests!

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