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Sports events

From years of creating events for the fitness industry in Scandinavia, “sports” and activity events for cooperate as a DMC in Rhodes Island, we now also deliver design planning and operation of sports events in our destinations.

Greece and Rhodes with its climate, the easy international access, wide options of accommodation, Accomplish as your event partner, public authorities with their authentic interest in welcoming sports events to our islands, this is where to start the planning of your next sports event.

As Les Mills says:
"Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Profit."
The Process

Planning of your sport event step by step

First step of plan

Let’s plan effectively from the very start. The choice of a good online project management tool, such as Asana or others is almost step one.

Thereafter to decide the purpose of the event? What type of venue do you need? Who are your potential participants and of course What is the budget, potential income, and estimated costs?

Also, whether there exist any special health and safety protocols you will need to implement, will help guide you.

The above first step will help you make your decisions and in turn guarantee your sports event is a total success.

Date and period

Deciding on the right date and period for the event is essential. Making sure the event doesn’t fall on the same day as any other sports event, special holidays for any of the nationalities you want to participate or the destination you want to hold your event, will ensure that more participants will have the chance to attend. The timeframe is also important to consider when choosing a date, to have enough time to plan and promote.

The Venue and destination

The venue, area, or the route you choose for your sports event must be safe and have, according to your estimate of participants and audience, the relevant space and access, whether it is indoor or outdoor. If any social distancing restrictions exist, these must also be taken into consideration.

Event profile

Is it a marathon, a triathlon, a match, a tournament, a league. Is it individual or team based? How many people or teams will take part? How many sports or activities will be featured? What is the wished would set up and format? The more you know about the aimed format and profile of the event you plan the better.

It’s a good idea to put down everything you know about the event, from start to finish, in a document, scratch book, note or similar. This will be a good start for us to help you develop your project and break it up into a timeframe with steps, processes, groups, and deadlines, resulting in a solid and well-planned event, with less than needed last minute and improvising solutions, as there will always be some “behind the stage”.

Choosing a solid, well-planned profile and plan of the event will also make the sponsor process become an easier job for the sales team.

Supply needs, estimation, and calculation

An overview of all needed equipment, if possible, divide them into groups as i.e., planning and booking material and systems, check in and registration, equipment, first aid and other emergency supply needed, press support, start and end set up and supply needed, award ceremony venue, set up and prices.

Any contact with any local, national, or international official person, to either open or join the award ceremony of the event.

And, of course, don’t forget about personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks, hand gels etc. if needed or required. In any way it is good to have some around.

Health and safety Planning

For the whole event an emergency and crisis communication plan are needed to be developed, including risk analysis.

For the potential risks, an operation plan to be developed which complies with the health and safety measures that are in place at the time of the event to protect the people attending and/or watching your event.

Also important is to be insured, make sure an insurance advisor with experience of events sets up a civil liability insurance which is valid on the destination and venue you choose.

If you don’t get the right insurance, you may end up in responsibility and economic damage if there is an accident, which often is seen in a sport event.

Staff and volunteers

A combination of contracted staff and volunteers is usually what is working in a sport event. For you to save travel costs, we can assist you to get both locally.

The selection of the team to use and the training of them for your event is something we will do together from you supervising the essential for your event, and we are adjusting it to the local venue and area. How we select and train the team together will have a big impact on the success of your event. To plan enough time and arrange training well in advance of the event will make staff and volunteers feel more confident and feel more belonging to the event, which makes the event a bigger success.

Promote your event

Make sure you actively promote your sports event. Email invitations if you have a mailing list, invitation via organizations, teams, and associations. If you would like any individual to participate you can also advertise to specific target groups on social media. Also actively use the press, local press, online papers, and magazines, and via another sports event you can cooperate with. For tourist destinations, maybe ask tour operators to include the event in their newsletters. The more effort (and resources) you pour into promoting your event, the better the results will be.

After we together have gone through and planned for the above points, we will work through them and improve where possible.

To start open sales early is important for active people, then your event will be in their calender. For participation fee it is also important to make an early bird fee.

There is several online platforms to use, maybe you also got your own. We have been using and for our events in the past. On this part to get a technical department which is updated on all news is wise, so we use the smartest technology available within your budget.

These are the steps we hope you would like Accomplish as local project managers to join in with you to, local knowledge is essential to make logistics work smoothly, and to assure you sports event in Rhodes to become resounding.

Don’t forget is full of information about possibilities for planning your next event in Rhodes, and Dodecanese Islands.

Companies that Trusted Us

We love what we do…

… and together with the light breeze in our islands, the Mediterranean culture, and our owner’s Norwegian organizational mentality, we have had the pleasure to achieve numerous of successful events during our 22 years as a DMC in Rhodes.

Our ability to be creative when needed, tailor make, adjust to clients needs, and estimate outcomes for our clients, has made our success and continuous existence during these years.

Our portfolio consist of numerous of projects, giving us for each one more experience, a possibility to continuous improvement, and even more creative solutions and ideas for the projects to come.


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