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We commit to make your wedding in Rhodes

or any of the other Dodecanese islands a memorable experience all from the planning stage till the wedding day of your dreams.


Years of experience on weddings and events

Our wedding planner services in Greece includes all wedding services.

This means if you like you will only have us as your single provider, not having to deal with several and different suppliers.


We offer different wedding planning packages according to each couples wishes, what assistance you require and what your idea of budget for the occasion is.

Our owner is herself our head wedding designer. Annie Kathrine or Katerina as she is called in Greece, has with her team created corporate and private events and weddings for more than 22 years in Greece.

Her ability to find the right solutions and way of doing things from for a small intimate wedding celebration to a big family and friend’s wedding week has given our couples, their families and guests unforgettable experiences and memories.

We aim to create you an unforgettable wedding celebration in Greece, where we embrace your wishes and style into an authentic atmosphere you will remember forever. 

Through the whole process from planning to wedding day, we want you to feel guided and supported, and avoid the stress factor and insecure moments, a wedding planning process can become.

We provide you always with two or more options of suppliers and solutions, for you to choose what feels best for you.

Our experience and trusted network of suppliers will also help you to choose the best solutions for your celebration.

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