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Why Rhodes.

Rhodes is an island where natural beauty meets culture, history, and modern times. With influences from the ancient time, medieval times and the Knights, the Italians, the Ottomans and of course the Greeks, or the Rhodians as the locals still like to be called, Rhodes is a place of unmatched beauty, a welcoming atmosphere and elegance.

From the Greek Mythology it is being said that the God of Sun or else Helios (“Ilios” means sun in Greek) claimed the island from Zeus and filled it with sunlight.

Its landscapes, spectacular beaches with the light breeze on hot summer days, offering hidden unexplored corners as well as modern beach clubs with amazing service along its coastline covering all tastes and preferences. Smaller traditional boats, luxury yachts, and touristic ferries offer escapes along the coast or to neighboring islands such as Symi, Halki and the other Dodecanese islands.

Pure natural surroundings can be found with the Valley of the Butterflies and the Seven Springs, the Municipal Park of Rhodes and Rodini Park, Filerimos and Monolithos Castle, in addition to organized wineyards etc.

This is where the East meets the West in a fabulous blend, with the windier loved by kites and surfers, Aegean Sea on the West side, and the calmer Mediterranean Sea on the east side, attracting travelers from all over the world.

The Old Medieval Town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, legacy from the Knights of Saint John that had conquered the island.

A place of greatness and nostalgic touches, where you may stroll up and down the cobbled pathways. The Palace of the Grand Master, the Street of the Knights, the Archaeological Museum and the many corners with signs of history are some of the attractions in the old town to visit and enjoy.


Even further back in history you can also visit Acropolis of Rhodes and the remains of the 3 ancient towns of Rhodes, Ialyssos, Lindos and Kamiros.

Visit Rhodes for a holiday, a corporate event such a conference or an incentive travel, your proposal or to organize your wedding and get married, and experience everything that has touched the island and left such a splendid mark throughout the centuries, will remain in your mind as unforgettable memories

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